Reference Database

This reference database lists over 500 books and articles where the women in CWP have been written about. These are listed and linked to full references in this Database. In the frame below is a list of acronyms [ ... ] with the references they represent. These acronyms are imbedded in the individual women's citations. If you point to the acronym and click on it, you will see the detailed reference. Books and journals are repeated because they contain articles about different women. Each acronym is specific to a given article.

You may use the Find button on your browser to find the acronym in the list whose reference you wish to see. This will work with some browsers only when you request contiguous alphanumeric symbols. For example, to find the reference symbolized by the acronym [12A GKS] request 12A rather than 12A GKS. Be sure to click on the frame containing the list before using your Find facility.