Reference Information
Journal Name American Journal of Physics
Acronym 1990 AJP Call Number
Article Name "Pioneer Women in Nuclear Science"
Volume Number 11 Issue Number
Date November 1990 Pages 1036-1043
Author M.F. Rayner-Canham Other Authors G.W. Rayner-Canham

Additional Information
Women Cited Nuclear Physics
Beilby, Winifred Moller
Blanquies, L.
Brooks, Harriet
Curie, Marie Sklodowska
Gates, Fanny Cook
Gleditsch, Ellen
Laird, Elizabeth Rebecca
Leslie, May Sybil
Meitner, Lise
Murray, Margaret Lindsay
Pirret, Ruth
Ramstedt, Eva
Slater, Jesse Mabel Wilkins
White, Margaret
Willcock, Edith Gertrude
Reference to publications
in scientific journals
Biographical references yes
Areas of Research yes
Discoveries Made yes

Notes This article discusses women involved in the early work in nuclear physics.