Reference Information
Book Name World Who's Who in Science
Acronym 29 WWWS Call Number URL REF Q141 W89 1968
Publisher A.N. Marquis Co.
Date of Publication 1968 City of Publication Chicago
Editor Allen G. Debus Other Editors Ronald S. Calinger and Edward J. Collins
Author Other Authors

Additional Information
Women Cited Astrophysics
Hoffleit, Helen Dorrit
Leavitt, Henrietta Swan
Whitney, Mary Watson
Wright, Francis Woodworth
Sitterly, Charolette Moore

Chemical Physics
Blodgett, Katharine Burr
Telkes, Maria De

Condensed Matter Physics
Conwell, Esther Marly
Laird, Elizabeth Rebecca

Hodgkin, Dorothy Crowfoot

Kochina, Pelageya, Yakovlevna

Nuclear Physics
Ajzenberg-Selove, Fay
Goeppert-Mayer, Maria
Goldhaber, Gertrude
Noddack, Ida
Wu, Chien Shiung

Particles and Fields
Goldhaber, Sulamith

Plasma Physics
Ayrton, Hertha

Reference to publications
in scientific journals
Biographical references yes
Areas of Research yes
Discoveries Made no

Notes This reference book includes small entries about the education, career and research topics of world scientists.