Reference Information
Book Name American Men of Science
Acronym 6B AMS Call Number SEL/EMS Q141 A512
Publisher Jacques Cattell Press
Date of Publication 1949 City of Publication New York
Editor Jacques Cattell Press Other Editors
Author Other Authors

Additional Information
Women Cited Astrophysics
Farnsworth, Alice
Harwood, Margaret
Maury, Antonia Caetana
Payne-Gaposchkin, Cecilia Helena

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Carter, Edna
Phillips, Melba Newell
Sponer, Hertha D.E.

Condensed Matter Physics
Laird, Elizabeth Rebecca

Materials Physics
McDowell, Louise Sherwood

Mathematical Physics
Wheeler, Anna Johnson Pell

Nuclear Physics
Rona, Elizabeth

Hayner, Lucy
Wrinch, Dorothy M.

Reference to publications
in scientific journals
Biographical references no
Areas of Research yes
Discoveries Made no

Notes This book is a directory of men and women scientists with listings concerning their education, their professional positions and their fields of research.