Reference Information
Book Name Making Contributions:An Historical Overview of Women's Role in Physics
Acronym mc1984ks Call Number QC 15 M331984 PHYs
Article Women Physicists in Past Ggenerations
Publisher American Association of Physics Teachers
Date of Publication 1984 City of Publication College Park, Maryland
Editor Barbara Lotze Other Editors
Author Other Authors

Additional Information
Women Cited Margaret Maltby and
Arete of Cyrene,br> Hypatia
Hildegard of Bingen
Emilie de Breteuil
Laura Bassi
Marie Curie
Irene Joliot-Curie
Hertha Ayrton
Elizabeth Laird
Katharine Blodgett
Maria Goeppert Mayer
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in scientific journals
Biographical references yes
Areas of Research yes
Discoveries Made yes

Notes Brief accounts scientific accomplishments, with some biographical information.