Reference Information
Book Name Twentieth Century Physics
Acronym tcp1995lmp Call Number College QC7 T84 1995
Publisher Institute of Physics Publishing
Date of Publication 1995 City of Publication Bristol
Editor Laurie M. Brown Other Editors Abraham Pais and Brian Pippard
Author Other Authors

Additional Information
Women Cited Astrophysics
Burnell, Jocelyn Bell
Geller, Margaret
Leavitt, Henrietta
Payne-Gaposchkin, Cecilia
Rubin, Vera
Sitterly, Charlotte Moore
Trimble, Virginia

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Garmire, Elsa

Condensed Matter
Frank, Amelia
Quimby, Edith
van Leeuwen, Hendrika Johanna
Yalow, Rosalyn

Franklin, Rosalind
Hodgkin, Dorothy Crowfoot
Karle, Isabella Lugosi
Lonsdale, Kathleen
Wrinch, Dorothy

Lehmann, Inge

Mathematical Physics
Bleaney, Betty
Ehrenfest-Afanaseva, Tatiana

Nuclear Physics
Blau, Marietta
Goeppert-Mayer, Maria

Particles and Fields
Wambacher, Hertha
Wu, Sau Lan
Reference to publications
in scientific journals
Biographical references no
Areas of Research yes
Discoveries Made yes

Notes This book is a history of physics in the twentieth century.