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There are a wide variety of documents of historical interest in this CWP website. Some are original papers such as Emmy Noether 's 1918 paper (in German with English translation) proving her famous theorems on the connection between symmetries and conservation laws and Marietta Blau's 1928 paper (in English translation) showing for the first time that one may see proton tracks in photographic emulsions. There are also unpublished documents of considerable histori cal interest such as A. P. Trotter's personal reminiscences of Hertha Ayrton. And there are e-published documents written for this site. Papers published first here (in CWP website) are marked with an asterix (*).

These documents are hyperlinked to the websites of the women to whom they mainly refer. However, viewers often wish to return to them, and they may be found using the table below. They are tabulated below by author, title, women to whom they refer, and date.

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Documents listed by date.