Document List
Year Title Author Subjects Description
1891 Surface Tension Pockles, Agnes Pockles, Agnes Letter to Editor of Nature
1899 Kristine Meyer: Recepient of the Gold Medal of the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters Christiansen, C.; Prytz, K. Meyer, Kirstine Bjerrum Citation
1903 On the Nature of Certain Radiations from the Sulphate of Quinine Gates, Fanny Cook Gates, Fanny Cook Scientific paper
1903 Effect of Heat on Excited Radioactivity Gates, Fanny Cook Gates, Fanny Cook Scientific paper
1904 Radium and Radioactivity Curie, Marie Curie, Marie Published article
1904 A Volatile Product from Radium Brooks, Harriet Brooks, Harriet Scientific paper
1910 The Origin and Growth of Ripple-mark. Ayrton, Hertha Ayrton, Hertha Scientific paper
1912 Period Of 25 Variable Stars In The Small Magellanic Cloud. Pickering, Edward C. Leavitt, Henrietta Swan Scientific paper
1918 Invariant Variation Problems Noether, Emmy Noether, Emmy Scientific paper (trans.)
1918 Invariante Variationprobleme Noether, Emmy Noether, Emmy Scientific paper
1923 Reminiscence of Mrs. Ayrton Trotter, A. P. Ayrton, Hertha Reminiscences*
1923 An account of the history of the Ayrton fan Trotter, A. P. Ayrton, Hertha Historical account*
1928 On the photographic effects of natural H-rays Blau, Marietta Blau, Marietta Scientific paper (trans.)
1936 Millikan' Letter Millikan, Robert Sponer, Hertha; Meitner, Lise; Curie, Marie Letter
1949 Cr ystal Statistics III: Short-Range Order in a Binary Ising Lattice Kaufman, Bruria; Onsager, Lars Kaufman, Bruria Scientific paper
1949 Cry tal Statistics II: Bruria Kaufman Kaufman, Bruria Kaufman, Bruria Scientific paper
1957 On the Use of the Notion "Probability" in Physics Ehrenfest-Afanaseva, Tatiana Ehrenfest-Afanaseva, Tatiana Scientific paper
1959 A Tribute to Dr. Franklin Stanley, W.M. Franklin, Rosalind Published article
1968 Sulamith Goldhaber (1923-1965) Alvarez, Luis Goldhaber, Sulamith Obituary
1974 Symmetry Behavior at Finite Temperatures Dolan, Louise; Jackiw, R. Dolan, Louise Scientific paper (abridged)
1975 Evi dence for Jet Structure in Hadron Production by e+e- Annihilation* Hanson, Gail et al Hanson, Gail Scientific paper
1978 Doe tau ----> pi + nu(tau)? Hanson, Gail Hanson, Gail Unpublished paper*
1981 E. Margaret Burbidge, President-Elect Rubin, Vera Burbidge, Margaret Published article
1983 Adventure into Space Burbidge, E. Margaret Burbidge, E. Margaret Published article
1993 Hertha Marks Ayrton Malley, Marjorie Ayrton, Hertha Marks Biographical article
1994 Inge Lehmann: Reminiscences Jeffreys, Bertha Swirles Lehmann, Inge Published article
1995 Biographical Sketch by Sandra M. Faber Faber, Sandra M. Faber, Sandra M. Brief autobiography*
1996 Katharine Way Martin, Murray; Gove, Norwood; Gove, Ruth; Raman, Subramanian, Merzbacher, Eugen Way, Katherine Obituary
1997 Chien-Shiung Wu, 84, Top Experimental Physicist Dicke, William Wu, Chien-Shiung Obituary
1997 Inge Lehmann Bolt, Bruce Lehmann, Inge Biographical memoir
1998 Vera Rubin and Dark Matter Johnson, Benjamin Rubin, Vera Brief description and history*
1998 Light on a Dark Lady Piper, Anne Franklin, Rosalind; Curie, Marie Biographical article
1998 Perpetuating a Tradition of Excellence Jackson, Shirley Ann Jackson, Shirley Ann Acceptance speech
1998 Mistres of Girton whose mathematical work formed the basis of chaos theory Daily Telegraph Cartwright, Mary Obituary
1999 Overview on women's education in England and the United States 1600 - 1900 Byers, Nina   Brief history*
1999 E. Noether's Discovery of the Deep Connection Between Symmentries and Conservation Laws Byers, Nina Noether, Emmy Published article
1999 Bertha Jeffreys Williams, Ruth Jeffreys, Bertha Swirles Obituary
1999 Early Nuclear Physics Moszkowski, Steven A.; Wong, Chun Wa Curie, Marie; Karlik, Bertha; Noddack, Ida; Perey, Marguerite; Brooks, Harriett; Gates, Fanny; Goeppert-Mayer, Maria Brief history*
1999 Missing Elements in the Periodic Table Moszkowski, Steven A. Noddack, Ida; Perey Marguerite; Karlik, Bertha; Joliot-Curie, Irene; Meitner, Lise Brief history*
1999 Nuclear Fission Moszkowski, Steven A. Noddack, Ida; Joliot-Curie, Irene; Meitner, Lise Brief description*
2000 Citation for Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science Lynden-Bell, Ruth Megaw, Helen BCA Notice
2000 Citation for Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science - Foreward by Kate Crennell Crennell, Kate; Lynden-Bell, Ruth Megaw, Helen Citation