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Milla Baldo-Ceolin

Additional Information

Some Important Contributions:

This annotated short list of contributions was submitted upon request by Professor Baldo-Ceolin.

  • "Nuclear Interactions of Nuetral K-Mesons of Long Lifetime," Nuovo Cimento, 6:130 (1957), M. Baldo Ceolin et als.

The first experimental demonstration that KoL are a mixture of Ko and Kbaro states of S = ±1 strangeness, confirming the model proposed by Gellmann and Pais and the determination of the difference of mass KoS - KoL;

  • "Anti-Lambda Hyperon," Phys. Rev. Lett., 1:179 (1958), with D.J. Prowse.

The discovery of anti-matter endowed with strangeness (antilambda) in 1958.

  • "Experimental Test of the Selection Rule DeltaS = DeltaQ," Phys. Rev. Lett., 3:132 (1962), M. Baldo Ceolin et als.

The study of the systematic of decay in charged and neutral K mesons and the first determination of the behavior of these interactions with respect to space and time inversion and the exchange of particles with anti-particles (CP and CPT).

  • "Measurement of Muon-Neutrino and Antineutrino Scattering off Electrons," Phys. Rev. Lett., 41:213-216 (1978), M. Baldo Ceolin et als.

An initial confirmation of the unified theories of weak and electromagnetic interactions through the first systematic measurement of the process of neutral currents vµ(vbarµ) e¯ ----> vµ(vbarµ) e¯.

  • "Limit on ve ---> vT Oscillations from the NOMAD Experiment," Phys. Lett., B471:406-410.

Experiments aiming to discover possible oscillations between neutrinos of differing flavour in order to determine their mass.

  • "Search for Neutron-Antineutron Oscillations," Proceedings of the "International Meeting on Astrophysics and Elementary Particles, Common Problems," Rome, Febuary 21-23, 1980, pp. 251-258, M. Baldo Ceolin et als.

  • "A New Experimental Limit on Neutron-Antineutron Oscillations," Zeit.für Physic C, C63:409-416, (1994), M. Baldo Ceolin et. als.

Research on the stability of matter carried out using original methods.


1960 "Somaini" (Prize)
1963 "Mimosa d'oro" (Woman of the Year)
1976 "Feltrinelli" (Prize for Physics) dell'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei
1978 Medaglia d'oro del Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione to "Benemeriti della Scuola, della Cultura e dell'Arte"
1984 Award of S.I.F., for working in the field of weak interactions and getting outstanding physical results, in occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Fermi's Theory
1995 Medaglia d'oro del Ministero della Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica to "Benemeriti della Scienza e della Cultura"
1997 Prize Societá Italiana di Fisica for her contributions to elementary particle physics on the occasion of the S.I.F. Io Centenary.

1966 Member of the Accademia Galileiana di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti.
1977 Member of the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti.
1987 Member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.


1952-1962 Research Fellow and Research Associate, Physics Department, University of Padova
1952-Present Research Associate, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (I.N.F.N.)
1958-1963 Professor of Physics, University of Padova
1963 Chair of Physics Department, University of Padova ( The first woman to have a professorship at the University of Padova.)
1963-1997 Professor of Advanced Physics, University of Padova
1965-1968 Director of Research, Physics Department, University of Padova
1965-1968 Member of the Council, I.N.F.N.
1973-1978 Director of the Physics Department, University of Padova
1998-Present Professor Emeritus, University of Padova


Laurea in Physics, University of Padova 1952
Libera Docenza, Rome 1958

Sources consulted:

Milla Baldo-Ceolin

Additional Information:

Milla Baldo-Ceolin has served on many committees and advisory boards, including the following:

Editorial Board Nuovo Cimento, Acta Physica Austriaca and Zeitschrift für Physik C.
Organizer of the International Neutrino Telescopes Conferences since 1998 and editor of the Proceedings.
Organizer of the metting and editor of: "Galileo Scientist," His Years at Padua and Venice, Venice, March 13, 1992, pp. 1-140

Field Editor:

Professor William Slater

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