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Picture of Christiane Bonnelle

Christiane Bonnelle

Additional Information

Some Important Contributions:

Spectral analysis of density of states for numerous metals and compounds, spectroheliograms of the solar corona, x-ray emissions from laboratory plasmas, ... She contributed in many areas of x-ray spectroscopy including the series of lanthanide and actinide elements.

Some Important Publications:

"Distribution des états f dans les métaux et les oxyde de terres rares," J.de Phys, 32, C4-230 (1971), with R.C. Karnatak.
- First observation of the direct radiative recombination from excited states with a core hole (labelled excited X states) to the ground state. These observations have been made in metallic and insulator solids. The transitions are of f-d type and are called resonant emissions.

"Analyses par spectroscopie X des distributions 5f de l'uranium dans le métal et UO," J. de Phys, 35, 293 (1974), with G. Lachéré.
- Observation of the same radiative transitions on uranium.

"Spectres Auger N4,5 du gadolinium," J.de Phys. Let, L 255 (1974), with G. Dufour.
-Resonant Auger transitions.

"Discontinuous transitions in YB and Eu atomic volume as a function of the grain size," J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 36, 575 (1975), with F. Vergand.
- First observation of a change in the electronic distribution for small metallic aggregates.

"Resonant X-ray Spectroscopy in solids," Advances in X-ray spectroscopy, Pergamon Press, Chap 6, pp. 104-121 (1982).


1964 Médaille du bronze du CNRS
Chevalier des Palmes Académiques
"International man of the year 1991-1992," International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England


1954-55 Stagiare de recherches au CNRS
1955-60 Attachéde recherchers au CNRS
1960-67 Maitre-Assistant ô la Sorbonne
1967-74 Professor à la Sorbonne, then Universitè Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)
1974-98 Professor titulaire à l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)
1979-91 Directeur, Laboratoire de Chimie Physique, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)


Licence es Sciences, Sorbonne 1954
Docteur es Sciences, Sorbonne 1964


Professor Christiane Bonnelle and Professor Bernard Hamermesh

Additional Information/Comments

Directed more than sixty theses.

Field Editor: Bernard Hamermesh/N. Byers


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