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Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics


Jenny Rosenthal Bramley

1909 - 1997
Additional Information

Some Important Contributions:

Mathematical analysis of vibrational modes in polyatomic molecules.

Electro-optical studies of luminescent materials.

Design and analysis of electroluminescent devices for image processing.

Held patents on electroluminescent and electro-optical devices.

Some Important Publications:

Papers published under maiden name of Jenny Rosenthal.

"Vibrations of Tetrahedral Pentatomic Molecules, Parts I and II," Phys. Rev. 45: 538 (1934); "Vibrations of Tetrahedral Pentatomic Molecules, Parts III and IV", Phys. Rev. 46: 730 (1934); "Vibrations of Tetrahedral Pentatomic Molecules, Part V", Phys. Rev. 49: 535 (1936).

"Group Theory and the Vibrations of Polyatomic Molecules," Rev. Mod. Phys. 8: 317 (1937) with G. M. Murphy.

"Mechanism of Conductivity in Semiconducting Phosphors," J. Chem. Phys. 20: 1946 (1952).

Physical Optics of Coherent Radiation systems," App. Optics 1: 169 (1962).

"Display Devices in Image Processing," App. Optics 14: 2971 (1975).


Sarah Berliner Research Fellow, American Association of University Women
Fellow, American Physical Society
Fellow, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
Wise Lifetime Achievement Award 1985, The InterAgency Committee on Women in Science and Engineering; cited a the most outstanding woman scientist in the federal government.
Fellow, Washington Academy of Science


1929-31 National Research Council Fellow, Johns Hopkins University
1931-33 Research Associate, Physics Department, New York University
1934 Staff member, Harvard Observatory
1935-36 AAUW Berliner Research Fellow, Columbia University
1937-42 Instructor, Graduate Division, Brooklyn College
1942-44, 48-50, Physicist, U.S. Army Signal Corps Laboratories, Ft. Monmouth, NJ
1950-53 Consultant Physicist, U.S. Army Signal Corps Laboratories, Ft. Monmouth, NJ
1953-58 Project Engineer, Du Mont Labs, Inc.
1958-62 Consultant, Bramley Consultants
1962-67 Section Head, Melpar, Inc.
1967-85 Supervisory Physicist, Night Vision Lab, U.S. Army, Ft. Belvoir
1985-88 Professor of Physics, University of Oregon, Eugene


Sc. B. University of Paris 1926
M. Sc. New York University 1927
Ph. D. (physics) New York University 1929

Sources and References consulted:

Frieda Stahl, Jenny Rosenthal Bramley CV {Courtesy G. S. Adkins}, [ams1938]

Additional Information/Comments:

While a member of the Nutley, NJ branch of AAUW, "addressed numerous high school career nights throughout New Jersey, urging girl graduates to go into scientific careers. She also spoke on the same topic to many groups of high school guidance counselors." [Rosenthal Bramley CV]

Practically quadralingual in English, Russian, French and German and had extensive experience translating technical articles for publication and as a translator at professional meetings.

She was born in Russia of Lithuanian parents. Left Russia with her family a part of a hostage exchange between Lithuania and the Soviet Union. Attended high school in Berlin at the Bismark Lyzeum.

Married Arthur Bramley in 1943 and they had three children - Alan, Timothy and Eleanor.

Professional Service

One of the founders and former Chair of the Northern Virginia Section of IEEE
Former Chair, Washington Chapter of Electron Devices Society
Former Chair, Committee on Optoelectronic Devices
Session organizer and Chair, 1972 IEEE International Convention
Member, American Optical Society
Member, Society for Information Display (Chair, 1974 Biennial Convention on Display Devices)
Session Organizer, 13th Annual Technical Symposium of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers
Member, American Association of University Women (Status of Women and Fellowship Chair for various branches; branch delegate to State and National Conventions)

Field Editor: Frieda Stahl


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