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Janine Connes

Additional Information

Some Important Contributions:

Janine Connes's analysis of the technique of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy was of major significance and laid the foundations of what was to grow into a significant new field. Her thesis work and subsequent publications gave in-depth theoretical analysis of numerous practical details necessary for this experimental technique to work. All the more remarkable is that her work predates the age of digital computers, which now make fast Fourier Transforms relatively routine.

Together with her husband Pierre Connes, she presented spectra of Venus and Mars that were superior by several orders of magnitude than the best available in her time. These measurements, made in the near infrared, through the atmosphere, were extremely difficult and indeed, would not have succeeded without the attention to detail and the remarkably detailed theoretical analysis of the method which she had established.

Janine Connes's research set the ground work for the entire FTIS method now widely used in spectral analysis.

"A very significant contribution to the theoretical and experimental development of Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy. Instrument developed were used for observation of the night sky. The advantage of such instruments in having an accurate laser-referenced frequency scale is referred to as the `Connes advantage.'" [Mary R. Masson]

Some Important Publications:

"The Field of Application of the Fourier Transform Method," J. Phys. Radium 19: 197 (1958).

"A Study of the Night Sky in the Near Infrared," J. Phys. Radium 21: 645 (1960), with H.P. Gush [in French].

  • The following four papers are" fundamental works of extreme importance to the field" -- Professor Ian McLean.

    "Spectroscopic Studies Using Fourier Transformations," Rev. Opt. 40 (no.2): 45 (1961) [in French].

    "Spectroscopic Studies Using Fourier Transformations," Rev. Opt. 40 (no.3): 116 (1961) [in French].

    "Spectroscopic Studies Using Fourier Transformations," Rev. Opt. 40 (no.4): 171 (1961) [in French].

    "Spectroscopic Studies Using Fourier Transformations," Rev. Opt. 40 (no.5): 231 (1961) [in French].

    "Fourier Transform Spectroscopy: Introductory Report," Mem. Soc. Roy. Sci. Liège 9: 81 (1964) [in French].

  • The following is an outstanding paper in English.

    "Near-Infrared Planetary Spectra by Fourier Spectroscopy. I. Instruments and Results," Journal of the Optical Society of America 56: 896 (1966), with P. Connes [in English].


    Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

    Director, Centre Inter-Régional de Calcul Électronique, Orsay

    Sources and References consulted

    Mary R. Masson, Professor Ian S. McLean and [61 SJ], [59 WWSE]

    Field Editor: Professor Ian S. McLean


    Original citer:

    Mary R. Masson

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