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Picture of Esther Marly Conwell

Esther Marly Conwell

1922 -
Additional Information

Some Important Contributions

"Theory of Impurity Scattering," Phys. Rev. 77: 388 (1950), with V.F. Weiskopf.

  • This was the first paper to give the theory of ionized impurity scattering, which is important for understanding the mobility of semiconductors.
"Electrical Properties of N-type Germanium," Phys. Rev. 93: 693 (1954), with P.P. Debye.
  • This set forth the relevant theory and compared it with experimental data. It set the pattern for the understanding of mobility and Hall data in n-Ge as a function of doping.
"Properties of Silicon and Germanium," Proc. IRE 40: 1327 (1952) and Proc. IRE 46: 1281 (1958).
  • These were review articles in the first and second IRE issues on the transistor and, as such, had significant influence on the development of the field.
"Impurity Band Conduction in Germanium and Silicon," Physical Review 103: 51 (1956).
  • This was important in establishing the existence of the impurity band and predicted many of the properties later studied extensively.

"Scattering of F Hot Carriers in Ge," J. Phys. Chem. Solids 15: 208 (1960), with A.L. Brown.
  • This was the introductory paper to a large number of papers on hot carriers done in the period 1952-1965, including the effect of carrier heating on Hall effect in p-Ge, high frequency conductivity and dielectric constant, galvanomagnetic effects, recombination, the phonon distribution, etc. This work, and that of others, was summarized in my monograph High Field Transport in Semiconductors, Academic Press, 1969. This book is still a standard reference in the field.
"Soliton Diffusion in trans-polyacetylene", Phys. Rev. Lett. 58: 258 (1987), with S. Jeyadev.
"Soliton Mobility in trans-polyacetylene", Phys. Rev. B36: 3284 (1987), with S. Jeyadev.
  • First calculations of drift mobility of solitons along a polymer chain with phonon and defect scattering; results agree with experiment.
"Effect of interchain coupling on conducting polymer luminescence: Excimers in derivatives of poly(phenylene vinylene)", Phys. Rev. B56: 10060 (1997), with M. W. Wu.
"Mean free time for excimer light emission in conjugated polymers", B57: 14200 (1998).
  • Derivations of basic properties of excimers in conducting polymers showing the effect of the polymer disorder on photoluminescence and the factors that determine the radiative rate.


Achievement Award, Society of Women Engineers 1960
Distinguished Alumni Award, Brooklyn College 1961
National Academy of Engineering 1980
National Academy of Sciences 1990
American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1992
Honorary D. Sc. Brooklyn College 1992
New York Academy of Sciences 1993
Fellow, American Physical Society
Edison Award of the IEEE 1997
[ Some past winners of this IEEE award - Alexander Graham Bell, Robert Millikan, Nicolai Tesla, George Westinghouse.]


1946-51 Instructor Brooklyn College
1951-52 Member of Technical Staff, Bell Telephone Laboratorie
1952-72 Member of Technical Staff, General Telephone and Electronics Laboratory (GTE)
1962-63 Visiting Professor Ecole Normal Superieure
1963-72 Manager of Physics Department, GTE
1972-73 Abby Rockefeller Mauze Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1972-81 Principal Scientist, Xerox Laboratories
1975-77 Manager of Electrooptics Program, Xerox Laboratorie
1981-98 Research Fellow, Xerox Laboratories
1990-    Adjunct Professor and Associate Director of the Center for Photoinduced Charge Transfer, University of Rochester


B.A. Brooklyn College 1942
M.S. University of Rochester 1945
Ph.D. University of Chicago 1948

Sources and References consulted

Esther Marly Conwell,[51 MJB], [4B AMWS]

Additional Information

Conwell's homepage at the University of Rochester

Esther Conwell is married to Abraham Rothberg and they have a son, Lewis.

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