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Sulamith Goldhaber


Additional Information

Some Important Contributions

Measured lifetime of K Mesons

Measured lifetime of tau mesons

Measured mass of K meson

Measured spin of K* meson, with Gerson Goldhaber

Early observations of interaction between K mesons and protons

First to observe mass splitting of charged sigma hyperons, with Gerson Goldhaber

Using nuclear emulsion techniques, first to observe nuclear interactions of antiproton

Observed interactions of pi+ and pi- mesons

Observation of three pion resonance

Detected anti-proton annihilation process; K plus nuclear interaction, Sigma plus - Sigma minus electromagnetic mass difference, dynamics of elementary particle resonance and double resonance formation.

Co-discoverer of A mesons.

Credited with the simultaneous production of pairs of resonant states, with Gerson Goldhaber; devised "triangle diagram"

Some Important Publications

"Mean Lifetime of Positive K Mesons," Phys. Rev. 99: 1617 (1955), with E.L. Iloff, W.W. Chupp, G. Goldhaber, J.E. Lannuttii, A. Pevsner, and D. Ritson.

"The Lifetime of the tau-Meson," Nuovo Cimento (Series 10) 2: 344 (1955), with W. Alvarez.

"K-meson Mass from a K-hydrogen Scattering Event," Phys. Rev. 99: 1042 (1955), with W.W. Chupp, G. Goldhaber, W.R. Johnson, and J.E. Lannutti.

"On the Spin of the K* Resonance," Phys. Rev. Lett. 9: 330 (1962), with W. Chinowsky, G. Goldhaber, W. Lee, and T.O'Halloran.

"Properties of Negative K-mesons," Nuovo Cimento 8: 899 (1958), with F.H. Webb, E.L. Iloff, F.H. Featherston, W.W. Chupp, and G. Goldhaber.

"Pion-Pion Correlations in Antiproton Annihilation Events," Phys. Rev. Lett. 3: 181 (1959), with G. Goldhaber, W.B. Fowler, T. Hoang, T.E. Kalogeropoulos, and W.M. Powell.


1960-61 Ford Foundation Fellow
1965 Guggenheim Fellowship
Member, Sigma Xi


1946-47 Teaching Assistant, Inorganic Chemistry, Hebrew University
1948-51 Research Assistant, Radio Chemistry, University of Wisconsin
1951-53 Research Associate, Radiochemistry, Columbia University
1954-58 Research Physicist, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
1959-65 Physicist, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory


M.Sc. Hebrew University 1947
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin 1951

Additional Information/Comments

A rememberance by Luis Alvarez (introduction to Advances in Particle Physics 1968).

Married Gerson Goldhaber with whom she had a son Amos.

Field Editor:

Professor Gerson Goldhaber <gerson@lbl.gov>

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