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Picture of Caroline Herzenberg

Caroline Stuart Littlejohn Herzenberg


Additional Information

Some Important Contributions:

Analysis of first returned lunar samples using Mössbauer spectrometry.

Early classical Mössbauer effect studies.

Early research on lithium-induced nuclear reactions.

Analysis of capabilities of proposed SDI lasers for incendiary attack.

Nuclear instrumentation development for fossil energy applications.

Numerous contributions to the history of women in science.

Some Important Publications:

"Mössbauer Spectrometry of Lunar Samples," Science 167: 683 (1970), with D.L. Riley.

"Polarization of Nuclear Resonance Radiation in Ferromagnetic Fe-57," Phys. Rev. Letters 4: 177 (1960), with G. J. Perlow, S.S. Hanna, M. Hamermesh, D.H. Vincent, R.S. Preston, and H. Heberle.

"Experimental Survey of Nuclear Transformations Caused by 2-Mev Lithium Ions," Phys. Rev. 108: 754 (1957), with E. Norbeck.

"Nuclear Winter and the Strategic Defense Initiative," Physics and Society 15: 2 (1986).

"Use of Small Accelerators in Coal Analysis and Coal Slurry Flow Measurements," IEEE Transactions in Nuclear Science NS-26: 1568 (1979).

Women Scientists from Antiquity to the Present: An Index. W. Cornwall, CT: Locust Hill Press, 1986.

"Women in Science during Antiquity and the Middle Ages," Journal of College Science Teaching 17: 124 (1987).

"Women of the Manhattan Project," Technology Review 96: 8 (1993)


Fellow, American Physical Society (1989)
Chicago Womens' Hall of Fame Award, Science (1989)
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (1990)
Honorary D.Sc., State University of New York, Plattsburgh (1991)
Distinguished Visiting Professorship, SUNY - Plattsburgh (1991)
AWIS 20th Anniversary Presidential Recognition Award (1991)
Member, final selection committee, Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science (1992)
Fellow, Association for Women in Science (1996)


1958-59 Research Associate, Enrico Fermi Institute for Nuclear Studies, University of Chicago
1959-61 Research Associate, Argonne National Laboratory
1961-66 Assistant Professor of Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
1967-71 Senior Physicist and Research Physicist, IIT Research Insititute, Chicago
1971-74 Visiting Associate Professor of Physics, University of Illinois at the Medical Center, Chicago
1975-76 Lecturer in Physics, California State University, Fresno
1977-present Physicist, Argonne National Laboratory


B.S. (physics) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1953
M.S. (physics) University of Chicago 1955
Ph.D. (physics) University of Chicago 1958

Additional Information/Comments

Chairperson, APS Committee on the Status of Women (1977-79)
President, Association for Women in Science (1988-90)
Secretary/Treasurer, APS Forum on Physics and Society (1992-95)
Member, APS Panel on Public Affairs (1995-98)

Submitted by:

Caroline L. Herzenberg/ Martha Keyes
<herzenbc@anl.gov> /<secwp@physics.ucla.edu>

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