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Renata Kallosh

Renata Kallosh

1943 -
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Some Important Contributions:

  • Kallosh, R.E., "The Renormalization in Nonabelian Gauge Theories," Nuclear Physics B78: 293 (1974).
One of the earliest papers on the background field method which is used extensively for calculations in gauge field theories, in gravity and supergravity. The structure of 2-loop divergence in pure gravity was predicted in this paper.
  • Kallosh, R.E., "Modified Feynman Rules in Supergravity," Nuclear Physics B141: 141 (1978).
Discovered that, in supergravity with open gauge algebra, the correct Feynman rules are different from the Feynman rules in non-Abelian gauge theories. The Faddeev-Popov ghosts acquire a 4-ghost coupling and a third type of ghost, later called the Nielson-Kallosh ghost, is required in loop diagrams.

  • Kallosh, R.E., "Quantization of Green-Schwarz Superstring," Phys. Lett. B195: 369 (1987).
Discovered new phenomena in the quantization of kappa-symmetric gauge theories - the infinite dimensional reducibility related to nilpotent gauge symmetry operators, and suggested how to quantize such theories.
  • Kallosh, R.E., A. Linda, T. Ort, A. Peet, and A. Van Proyen, "Supersymmetry as a Cosmic Censor," Phys. Rev. D46: 5278 (1992).
First detailed study of stringy supersymmetric BPS black holes, with various fractions of supersymmetry unbroken. Arguments were presented that the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of such black holes i protected by a supersymmetric non-renormalization theorem.
  • Ferrara S., and R.E. Kallosh, "Supersymmetry and Attractors," Phys. Rev. D54: 1514 (1996).
Using the Bekenstein-Hawkingrelation for the entropy of a black hole, gave a universal formula for the entropy of N=2 extremal black holes.


1981-89 Professor, Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow
1989-90 Scientific Associate, CERN, Switzerland
1990-present Professor of Physics, Stanford University


B.S. Moscow State University 1966
Ph.D. Lebedev Physical Institute 1968


Renata Kallosh

Additional Information/Comments

Wife of Andre Linde and mother of two sons.

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