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Nuclear Physics

Picture of Luise Meyer-Schützmeister

Luise Meyer-Schützmeister


Additional Information

Some Important Contributions

Resonance absorption and fluorescence measurements of gamma rays in nuclear reactions, with S. S. Hanna.

First independent confirmation of the discovery of recoilless emission and absorption of nuclear gamma rays, the Mössbauer effect; with L. L. Lee, Jr., J. P. Schiffer and D. Vincent.

Elucidated the structure of nuclear giant resonances with (p, gamma) and other reactions using large NaI crystals, with S. S. Hanna, R. E. Segel, et al..

Used two-nucleon transfer reactions to measure the Coulomb displacement energies of isospin multiplets.

Some Important Publications

"Resonant Absorption of Gamma Rays," Phys. Rev. 108: 1644 (1957), with S.S. Hanna.

"Nuclear Resonance Absorption of Gamma Rays at Low Temperatures," Phys. Rev. Lett. 3: 223 (1959), with L.L. Lee, Jr., J.P. Schiffer, and D. Vincent.

"States in Si28 with 12.7 < Ex < 13.7 MeV by (alpha, gamma) and (alpha, alpha) Reactions on Mg24," Phys. Rev. 133: B590 (1964), with J.A. Weinman and L.L. Lee, Jr.

"Evidence for a Single Dominant State for the E1 Giant Resonance," Phys. Rev. Lett. 13: 628 (1964), with R.G. Allas, S.S. Hanna, R.E. Segel, P.P. Singh, and Z. Vager.

"Gamma-ray Studies in 45V," Phys. Rev. C21: 1290 (1980), with S.A. Gronemeyer and A.J. Elwyn.


Fellow, American Physical Society

The Luise Meyer-Schutzmeister Award was created by the Association for Women in Science for graduate students in physics.


1943-45 Teaching Staff, Technical University of Berlin
1946-48 Associate, University of Göttingen
1948-52 Group Leader, Radioisotope Laboratory, Max Planck Institute for Medical Research
1953-55 Research Associate, Institute for Nuclear Studies, University of Chicago
1956-73 Associate Scientist, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory
1973-81 Senior Scientist, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory


Dipl. Eng. Technical University, Berlin 1939
Ph.D. Technical University, Berlin 1943

Sources and References

John Schiffer, Ralph Segel, and Carol Herzenberg; [4E AMWS], [34 WIP], [pt1981js]

Additional Information/Comments

Meyer-Schützmeister was a very good piano player, and was known to enjoy playing chamber music with her husband Peter Meyer and vistors. [C. Herzenberg]

Field Editor: Professor Chun Wa Wong


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