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Materials Physics


Gertrude Fanny Neumark

Additional Information

Some Important Contributions:

Measurements and analyses important for the development of semiconducting materials and phosphors.

Some Important Publications:

"Efficiency of Electroluminescence in ZnS," Physical Review, 116:1428 (1959).

"Theory of the Anomalous Photovoltaic Effect of ZnS," Physical Review, 125:838 (1962)

"Decay Kinetics of the Red Luminescence of GaP(Zn, O) for Quasi-Thermal-Equilibrium Conditions," Physical Review B, 10:1574 (1974).

"Site Dependence of Donor Properties in ZnSe and Validity of Effective Mass Theory," Phys. Rev. B, 37:4788 (1988).

"Achievement of Low Resisitivity p-Type ZnSe and Role of Twinning," J. Appl. Phys., 65:4859 (1989)

"Role of Excitation Transfer in Luminescence Spectra and Decay," J. Lumin., 52:243 (1992), with G.-J. Yi.

"Electroluminescent Display Devices", #2,915,641 (1959).
"Scintillation Detector Using a Single Crystal of GaAS", # 3.415.989 (1968) with E. A. Leventhal and E. S. Rittner.
"Gallium Phosphide Light Emitting Semiconductive Materials", #4,051,061 (1977), with R. N. Bhargava.
"A Process for Doping Crystals of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors", #4,904,618 (1990).
"Improvements in Wide Band-Gap Semiconductors Having Low Bipolar Resistivity and Method of formation", #5,252,499 (1993).


Anderson Fellow, American Association of University Women 1951-52
Fellow of the American Physical Society
Fellow of the New York Academy of Science


1951-52 Postdoctoral Fellow, Cloumbia University
1952-60 Senior Physicist, Sylvania Reseaarch Laboratories, Baysie, N.Y.
1960-85 Staff Physicist, Philips Laboratories, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
1982-83 Visiting Professor of Materials Science, Columbia University
1983-85 Adjunct Professor of Materials Science, Columbia University
1985-   Professor of Materials Sciences, Columbia University


B.A. Columbia University 1948
M.A. Radcliffe College 1949
Ph.D. Columbia University 1951

Sources and References consulted:

Gertrude F. Neumark, [4B AMWS], [34 WIP]

Field Editor: Frieda Stahl


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