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Picture of Bice Seci-Zorn

Bice Sechi-Zorn


Additional Information

Some Important Contributions:

One of Bice Sechi-Zorn's first experiments was the European G-stack collaboration, which helped enormously in the exploration of heavy mesons, their masses, and their decays.

Played a key role in many of the Maryland group's most important experiments --especially on the elucidation of the semi-leptonic decays of Sigma and Lambda hyperons. This work led directly to the Cabibbo theory of weak interactions.

Was part of the PLUTO experiment at PETRA that provided, along with the other collider experiments at PETRA, the first experimental evidence for the existence of gluon jets.

    "In the extensive work on the properties of hyperons, and their strong and weak interactions, an area in which the [Maryland] group's work constituted a substantial portion of the world data, her contributions were absolutely vital."
-- Brandt Kehoe

Some Important Publications:

"On the masses and modes of decay of heavy mesons produced by cosmic radiation" Nuovo Cimento 2: 1063 (1955) with G-stack Collaboration.

"Leptonic decays of charged Sigma hyperons and the delta S = delta Q selection rule" Phys. Rev. 136: B1791 (1964) with H. Courant et al..

"Evidence for gluon bremsstrahlung in e+e- annihilation at high energies" Phys. Lett. 86B: 418 (1979).

"A study of multi-jet events in e+e- annihilation" Phys. Lett. 97B: 459 (1980) with PLUTO Collaboration.


1952-56 Assistente di Fisica, Instituto di Fisica, Universita di Padova
1956-62 Physics Associate III, Brookhaven National Laboratory
1958 Max Planck Institut fur Physics, Gottingen
1962-68 Research Assistant, University of Maryland
1968-75 Research Associate, University of Maryland
1975-76 Associate Professor of Physics, University of Maryland
1976-77 Laboratore Nazionale di Frascati
1976-84 Professor of Physics, University of Maryland


Dottore in Fisica Universita di Cagliari, Italy 1951


Professor George Snow, University of Maryland.

Additional Information/Comments

A nepotism rule prevented Sechi-Zorn from having a regular academic position, from 1962 to 1975, in the University of Maryland at College Park because she was married to Professor Gus T. Zorn.

Submitted by:

Professor George Snow/ Martha Keyes

<snow@umdhep.umd.edu> / <secwp@physics.ucla.edu>

Original citer's name:

Professor George Snow

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