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Stone, Isabelle

Additional Information

Some Important Contributions:

Teacher of physics to women and girls in the early days when women were first entering physics research.

Charter member of the American Physical Society.

Experimental studies of electrical and optical properties of thin metal films.

Some Important Publications:

"On the Electrical Resistance of Thin Films," Phys. Rev. 6: 1 (1898)
    This is published doctoral thesis for which, according to the acknowledgement, A.A. Michelson was sponsor.


1897-98 Teacher, Bryn Mawr Prep. School, Baltimore [6A AMS] [51 MJB]
1898-1906 Instructor, Physics, Vassar College [6A AMS] [wws1985pjs] [51 MJB]
1907-14 Principal, School for American Girls, Rome [6A AMS] [51 MJB]
1916-23 Head, Physics Department, Sweet Briar College, Virginia [6A AMS] [51 MJB]
1923-   ? Head, Misses Stone's School for Girls, Washington, DC [6A AMS] [51 MJB]


B.A. Wellesley College 1890
M.S. University of Chicago 1896
Ph.D. University of Chicago 1897

References consulted:

[51 MJB], [6A AMS], [wws1985pjs], [www1941], [7 MWR1]

Additional Information/Comments:

Stone together with Marcia Keith were the only two female physicists attending the first meeting of the American Physical Society in 1899.

Stone was the first woman to receive a doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago. [7 MWR1] [51 MJB]

She spent a postdoctoral year in Berlin. [7 MWR1]

Field Editor

Frieda Stahl

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