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Nuclear Physics

Fanny Cook Gates

Fanny Cook Gates


Additional Information

Some Important Contributions:

Demonstrated that radioactivity is not destroyed either by heat or by ionization due to chemical reactions.

Showed that radioactive materials behave qualitatively and quantitatively differently from phosphorescent materials.

Some Important Publications:

"Effect of Heat on Excited Radioactivity," Physical Review, Series 1, 16:300(1903).

"On the Nature of Certain Radiations from Sulphate of Quinine," Physical Review, Series 1, 18:135(1904). This paper clearly distinguishes phosphorescence, a chemical process, and other such atomic processes from naturally occuring radioactivity which is now known to be owing to nuclear reactions.


Fellow, American Physical Society

Fellow, Mathematical Society

Fellow in Mathematics, Bryn Mawr College 1896-97

European Fellowship, Association of Collegiate Alumnae, for study at Goettingen and at the Polytechnik Institut in Zurich.


1897-11 Head, Physics Department, Goucher College.

1902-03 Research student in McDonald Laboratory, McGill University (graduate study with Rutherford while on leave from Goucher College).

1904-06 Research student, Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge University (on leave from Goucher College).

1911-13 Researcher(?), School of Education, University of Chicago (studied psychology and eugenics).

1913-16 Professor of Physics and Dean of Women, Grinnell College.

1914-16 Professor of Mental and Physical Hygiene, Grinnell College.

1916-18 Associate Professor of Physics and Dean of Women, University of Illinois.

1918-22 General Secretary, YMCA, New York.

1920-21; 1923-28 Special Teacher, Physics, Lincoln and Brealey Schools, New York.

1922-23 Head Mistress, Phoebe Ann Thorne School, Bryn Mawr.

1928-31 Physics teacher, Roycemore School, Evanston, IL.



B.S. Northwestern University 1894

M.S. Northwestern University 1895

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania 1909

Sources and References consulted

Loretta Johnson and [1 CLH], [35 MRC],

See also The Grinnell Review October 1913, Grinnell College Bulletin 1913-16, and American Men of Science 1921 and 1927.

Submitted by:

Byers/Moszkowski/C. W. Wong

Original citer's name:

Loretta Johnson

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