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Condensed Matter Physics


Bruria Kaufman


Additional Information

Some Important Contributions:

Derivation using spinor analysis of the exact result of Onsager on the partition function of the 2-dimensional Ising model.

Exact correlation functions for the two-dimensional Ising model.

Papers on general relativity with A. Einstein.

Paper on the Mossbauer effect, with Harry Lipkin.

Additional papers listed below.


"Crystal Statistics. II. Partition Function Evaluated by Spinor Analysis," Phys. Rev. 76: 1232 (1949).

"Crystal Statistics. III. Short-Range Order in a Binary Ising Lattice," Phys. Rev. 76: 1244 (1949), with L. Onsager.

"Transition Points," Physical Society Cambridge International Conference on Low Temperatures (1946), with L. Onsager.

"Algebraic Properties of the Field in the Relativistic Theory of the Asymmetric Field," Annals of Mathematics 59: 230-244 (1954), with A. Einstein.

"A New Form of the General Relativistic Field Equations," Annals of Mathematics 62: 128-138 (1955), with A. Einstein.

"Mathematical Structure of the Non-symmetric Field Theory," Proceedings of the Fiftieth Anniversary Conference on Relativitiy 227-238 (1955).

"Neighbor Interactions and Symmetric Properties of Polyelectrolytes," Journal of Chemical Physics 27: 1356-1362 (1957), with S. Lifson and H.Lifson.

"The Stability of a Rotating Viscous Jet," Quarterly of Applied Mathematics 19: 301-308 (1962), with J. Gillis.

"Momentum Transfer to Atoms Bound in a Crystal," Annals of Physics 18:249-309 (1962), with H.J. Lipkin.

"Unitary Symmetry of Oscillators and the Talmi Transformation," Journal of Mathematical Physics 6: 142-152 (1965), with C.C. Noack.

"Special Functions of Mathematical Physics from the Viewpoint of Lie Algebra," Journal of Mathematical Physics 7: 447-457 (1966).


1947-48 Assistant to John V. Neumann, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
1948-50 Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
1950-55 Assistant to Albert Einstein, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
1955-56 Member, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
1957-60 Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania, NSF Project in Mathematical Linguistics
1960-71 Professor, Dept. of Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
1972-88 Professor, Haifa University, Dept. of Mathematics, Israel
1993 Visiting Scholar, University of Arizona, Dept. of Physics
1993 Visiting Scholar, Columbia University, Dept. of Physics


Bachelors Degree Hebrew University 1938
Ph.D. Columbia University 1948


A Community of Scholars: The Institute for Advanced Study, 1930-1980. Princeton: IAS, 1980; Bruria Kaufman.

Additional Information/Comments

Married Willis Lamb (Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1955) in 1996.

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Cindy Chung

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